Day 1 – Thursday 6th Nov 2003



Coffee and Welcome



Norman Buckberry

Introduction and Pulse of the Industry

Please come prepared to share your current hot topics, and to give a quick summary of the state of your business, and the key issues you face today. This session is intended to help introduce everyone, and help with networking during the event, as individuals explain what their key interests are. It will also help to identify potential topics for future conferences.




1130 Mike Dowsey,
JD Edwards

Update on the e-Learning Virtual Conferences 2003

Mike will give an update on the virtual conferences from November 02 to September 03, and give us insights into what worked, and what did not. The purpose is to give us all an opportunity to experience and assess the potential role for virtual training in customer education programmes.




Sue Vine

Going to Market – Evolution of the methods of getting to market; marketing methods and tools

An open discussion on the issues we all face in finding new ways to reach customers, and sell training services. What methods can we use today to get our customers’ attention, and moreover get their intention to buy training? What works and what does not work? How has the Internet helped? Is the paper catalogue dead?



1530 Norman Buckberry

Going to Market – The Value proposition for training

An open discussion on the Value Proposition for customers to invest in training. What are the key values? How can we help customers understand and quantify the value, and justify the investment?






Evening social event



Day 2 – Friday 7th Nov 2003


Phil Lawman
Hewlett Packard

Going to Market - ROI

Following on from “The Value Proposition”, what actually is the ROI on training and how is it calculated? What tools can we use to help our customers calculate ROI, and justify investment in training? Is it really as difficult as everyone says it is?





Phil Lawman
Hewlett Packard

Going to Market - Consultative Selling

An open discussion on what it means to practice “consultative selling”. How does it work? What skills do sales people need to sell the solutions we must sell? How can they be credible in today’s competitive environment? What can CEdMA do to help its members improve their consultative selling capability?



Planning the next conference, Web-site update, Membership and recruiting, Future of CEdMA





Norman Buckberry

e-learning - When and Where?

Following on from the e-learning theme at the previous conference, one question which was raised several times was “When should we use e-learning and when should we not use e-learning. This will be an open discussion to try to identify what characteristics make e-learning (24x7 self-study, and Virtual Classroom) a suitable delivery medium for training.

1530 All

Annual General Meeting and Coffee




6-7 November 2003


Manchester, UK